Content Blocks in Category Listings Plugin for Magento 2
Provides the ability for merchants to inject content blocks among product listing items in category listings.Content blocks are sourced from CMS blocks and can be positioned anywhere in the product list.This extension provides a friendly and dynamic configuration section in category edit form in admin area.Attract customers attention to your products by supplying useful information in your category pages!Account & PricingNo separate accounts are required, as this extension does not integrate your platform with any other platforms or services.No additional fees apply.Featuresability to define content blocks for each category separately;ability to have different configurations for the same category in different stores;each content block's position can be set, by entering the index of the product in the category listing to inject the content block before;product listings with multiple pages are supported;user-friendly content blocks configuration editor provided, embedded directly in your category edit screens in admin area;the content to render in the blocks is sourced from standard CMS blocks, and the configuration is using CMS block identifiers to reference CMS blocks, so that you can use standard platform functionality to provide different content for different stores, without necessarily having to change each category's content blocks configuration;content block injection is performed without breaking standard category pagination, filters or sorting, and the positions of the content blocks persist through filtering and sorting;template files and a sample LESS styles are included, to help your developers making look the content injected by this extension on-brand;a few content block samples are included (as HTML files to copy and paste in your CMS block content fields);our extension is compatible with all 2.2.x, 2.3.x, and 2.4.x releases, and it has been extensively tested with each of those releases.Other FeaturesThis extension for Magento fully supports standard CMS block features: text, images and videos can be added to content blocks, as well as CMS widgets and shortcodes.Developers can fully customise the rendering of the content blocks, to implement your brand guidelines, by editing front-end templates and LESS files included with this extension. Use CasesThis extension for Magento can be used in the following scenarios:merchants who wish to advertise any product features that pertain to a specific product category can inject short descriptive text, along with images or videos that explain those features to the customers;merchant who wish to provide a more content-driven shopping experience to their customers, can use links and/or buttons, as part of the content blocks, to direct the customers to specific parts of their websites;merchants who are worried about their catalog looking too monotone and schematic can inject content blocks with specific designs that would highlight specific product in the listings and make them stand out, while also customising the visual appearance of the listing itself to look less monotone and more appealing to the customers.Code Quality & TestingThis extension's source code implements strict coding principles and best practices, which makes the extension easier to understand and customise for your developers.Each release of this extension is thoroughly tested before it is released to the Marketplace, with all supported platform releases. We also aim to maintain backwards compatibility with older platform releases than the ones officially supported.Shipping & InvoicingThe plugin installation package, along with the user manual (including instructions for installation and configuration) will be emailed to you following your purchase.No items will be delivered to your postal address.A standard VAT invoice (UK format) will be provided upon request.