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No matter whether this is about an existing Magento eCommerce store project, or a project you are just about to start, whether it's about a simple online shop or a complex cross-platform project with many moving parts, we'll be delighted to offer our expertise to you and your team.

Our Magento development team includes senior software engineers and senior frontend and backend developers, with at least 5 years of experience with the Magento eCommerce platform. If required, we can also offer UX (User Experience) and Web Design expertise, as part of the package, thanks to our partnerships and long-term work relationships with talented experts in those fields.

We would be delighted to provide other complementing services such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Health Checks (for existing projects and third-party code and solutions), Security Assessments and Infrastructure Setup and Maintenance.

Depending on the complexity of your project, you may wish to involve one of our skillful Project Managers as well.

Experience matters

Thanks to the contribution of our CTO and our Magento Lead Developers, we can claim 10+ years’ experience in developing with Magento alone, and a 26+ years’ experience in working on eCommerce projects and websites overall. 

This would enable us to offer you the best possible advice, and to implement our solutions to industry standards and best practices, taking into account any long-term development plans for your business and future-proofing your on-line sales channels and workflows.

In terms of our approach, we don't expect you to have all of the required information laid out for us, necessarily: you may have just a generic idea and some goals to achieve. 

We would normally recommend an initial discovery phase, during which members of our team specialised in each of the disciplines involved will discuss your requirements with you and your team, find out anything they need to know in order to nail your project, and document their best recommendations in terms of quick-wins, possible pain-points, priorities and ball-park indicators of difficulty/cost (not yet a proper estimate), suggesting the best ways forward and offering suitable alternatives when applicable. This documentation will prove itself very useful, should you decide to pick up future development in-house or delegate it to someone else.

You will be presented with a comprehensive report containing all of the findings, solutions, suggestions and cost indicators, which will enable you to assess and establish priorities for your business, which will then feed into the project timeline and proper estimates.

In terms of implementation, we've learnt not to fight Magento but to get along with it: our solutions would be always implemented following Magento guidelines and principles in terms of extensibility, and we'll always prefer following the routes that will not break or have side effects on the standard Magento features, opting for the least invasive approach that would allow us to meet your requirements minimising the risk of future clashes with third-party code and Magento updates. 

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